Saturday, 25 January 2014

UK - Sign petition to David Cameron

David Cameron has promised that his would be the 'Greenest government -ever'.

Yet he has come out in clear support of fracking, a new way of extracting yet one more dirty fossil fuel.

The government is ignoring communities in it's dash for cash and ignoring the fact that fracking will:-

a. scar the British countryside and risk contaminating water supplies
b. stop the UK from achieving agreed climate change targets
c. be highly unlikely to bring down domestic fuel bills, even after many years
d. divert scarce investment away from clean, renewable energy.

If this concerns you at all, sign the petition to the Prime Minister here: and then please pass this link ( or just pass on: ) to as many contacts as possible. Thank you.

PS If you require ready-made arguments when facing local politicians and those who are blind to the dangers and futility of the entire exercise why not go to our home page at:
and click the link to our printable document: 'A Dozen Devastating Denials of Fracking in the UK'.

PPS If you would like to find out if fracking is likely to occur under your own property, simply click the following link and enter your Postcode like thousands before you:

NB. In accordance with out declared policy we will get back to reporting fracking matters here in France just as soon as there is something essential to report. Ed.

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