Monday, 27 January 2014

EU Gives in to Oil and Gas Lobby

Last Wednesday The European Commission effectively gave the green light to shale gas exploration when it refused to introduce binding legal standards for the exploration and exploitation of shale gas. It is now clear that the lobbyists have succeeded and Brussels has ignored the legitimate concerns of environmentalists and concrete evidence of the widespread damage caused in particular from the American 'experiment'.

No amount of legislation would in any case cater for the extensive landscape desecration, and horrendous logistics nor the simple fact that the exploitation of yet one more dirty fossil fuel for profit is an obscenity.

France can surely look forward to fracking if and when a change of government is effected. We can only guess at the likely reaction. France is not the UK.

Read more ( in French - use Google Translator perhaps ) : and how the jolly CEO of Total Christophe Marjorie sees things now:

Thank you Brussels.

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