Monday, 1 October 2012

Not a sausage at this point...............

Just to emphasize that at the time of writing (01/10/12) no announcement regarding President Hollande's promise to reject 7 Gaz de Schiste permits has yet appeared in the government's Journal Officiel. In other words, to date, nothing has happened.

We remain sceptical - very. Let's hope we are wrong.

Earthquakes - the reality.

Frequently we find ourselves in conversation with fracking deniers who seem certain that the fracking related earthquakes around the world ( some as high as 3.5 on the Richter scale ) are of no consequence. They also seem coincidentally, to be the same people who would not mind a 50m derrick in their back garden nor the noise from the horrendous logistics involved. Of course, they almost always turn out to be people who have not seen GASLAND or other documentaries either.

Here, for general consumption is some official data from the USA. If you read nothing else, do have a look at Fig.9 in the attached pdf document. Beggars belief.