Wednesday, 31 July 2013

UK - Frack the North East - Lord Howell

Confirmation in the Daily Telegraph here ( do watch the video and be amazed ) that people in the North East of England are more suited to fracking than those in the Home Counties................


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

UK Water boards - concern re- water use + earthquake proof

At last, Water UK ( national association representing UK water boards ) has expressed 'concern' about the quantities (!) likely to be used in hydraulic fracking/fracturation and also the levels of contamination that may be expected after use. Note: Over 2 billion litres were used in the Fylde before earthquakes temporarily halted fracking by Messrs Cuadrilla. What price hose pipe bans in future years we hear you cry!!

Click here to read a report:

Also today we read of proof positive that there are definitive links between fracking and hundreds/thousands of earthquakes ( some as high as 4 on the Richter Scale ) in the USA.

Click here to access the report in French ( copy and paste into Google Translator to read in English )

All good stuff. Meanwhile Investment specialists and lobbyists continue to wildly exaggerate the likely level of reserves under ground. The truth is that they really do not know but that will not stop them seeking to excite gullible politicians and others as negative reports flow in from around the globe.

If this issue concerns you, please circulate this link as widely as possible. Thank you.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Just 6 minutes viewing that encapsulates the problem

If you live in the UK or have interest in what goes on there.....................

If you have not yet viewed the documentary GASLAND or are confused by so called 'independent' experts and surveys now permeating the airwaves click the link to see a short, simple graphic explanation ( albeit very colourful ) that highlights the problems relating to fracking and with immediate and urgent relevance.

Click the link:

This is why we have worked ( and will continue to work ) constantly to spread the word.

PLEASE circulate this link to friends and family who may be concerned.

UK again - Govt to subsidize the frackers

We hear today from a source close the BBC that the current UK Government are to give generous tax breaks in favour of fracking............

Tax cut for shale gas firms planned

The government has outlined plans to give tax breaks to companies involved in the UK's nascent shale gas industry. It has proposed cutting the tax on some of the income generated from producing shale gas - found in underground shale rock formations - from 62% to just 30%. (No surprises there then!)

The plans would make the UK the "most generous" regime for shale gas in the world, the government said. But they have been criticised by environmentalists, with Friends of the Earth calling them a "disgrace".....................

Read the BBC report here

NB This is effectively the opposite of giving direct support to the urgent development of renewable sources. It will however, suit perfectly the money-grubbers in the industry and their governmental sidekicks who clearly do not give a damn about the environment in an already pock marked landscape, nor the living conditions of those in communities soon to be affected nor the lot of coming generations.

The ongoing debate on the BBC and elsewhere about the merits or otherwise of this dirty process ( emissions actually worse than for coal when everything is factored in ) would now seem largely academic. And still there are those who have not taken the time to watch even the first ( five year old ) version of GASLAND let alone check out aerial views of Pennsylvania and prefer to rely on the UK press ( God help us! ) for a 'balanced' debate.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

French shale gas ban remains - for now.

You may have read elsewhere that President Hollande re-affirmed his total opposition to Shale Gas exploitation AKA 'fracking' in his 14th July speech. Good man.

At the same time, we are conscious that there is a deep resentment about the way in which the Sarkozy government attempted to sneak permits in before the public fully understood the facts. There followed nationwide protest including thousands of screenings of the documentary GASLAND accompanied by expert presentations put on by a wide range of associations and local councils. In the Ardeche, 20,000 marched and here in Cahors we assisted in organising a 'manifestation' of 5,000 which encompassed all ages and shades of political opinion. Hard to imagine it happening in quite this way almost anywhere else. Vive la France.

Protest works and it works best when it is well informed.

Read here how the BBC presented M.Hollande's statement :

Sunday, 14 July 2013

UK - shock, horror!

'Revealed - fracking bosses at heart of government!'

'The coalition may be promoting the controversial practice of fracking for gas because senior figures from that industry sit at the heart of government.' Independent - Sunday 14th July 2013.

Click here to read more:

We are stunned.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Harmony in government - now that's a relief!

After the sacking of two environment ministers shortly after they cancelled permits for shale gas exploitation and the call for a public debate on what he laughingly describes as 'safe fracking' by Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg we now see that Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has called M.Montebourg into line and it appears that there is consistent thinking at the very highest levels of government after all. We are relieved.

Read the articles ( in French ) here: and also.......

Busy week here at SchisteTowers but rest assured, politicians may be on holiday soon ( tho' not the lobbysists of course ) but we will be here watching their every move.

France still world's No.1 tourist destination - for now.

Off-topic? Have we finally lost it here at SchisteTowers? Not a bit of it. Read here :- how France is till the world's number one destination for holidaymakers.

Imagine how different it would be however, if the water ( and therefore the wine ) were posioned, the rural landscape marred by ugly derricks and tiny villages had hundreds of truck movements on a regular basis and a 'lake' of contaminated fracking water to compete with the municipal version!

Stay tuned for more news on the political mish-mash viz-a-viz Gaz de Schiste here en France.

PLEASE circulate this link ( copy and paste ) to all your contacts. The more people that have the facts the more likely that this abomination is to be effectively opposed.

Latest from the good 'ole USA........................

Hard to believe ( or is it?! ) but the American Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) is now authorising the re-use of contaminated fracking water for consumption by livestock and wildlife! This flies in the face of their own regulations. Once again - big money talks. Surely we have now reached the point where government in all it's forms is little better than farce.

Click the link to read more

Can we be sure that if the half of the current French government that are pushing to frack here are ultimately successful that they will not behave in the same way?

PLEASE help us to ensure maximum circulation for this article ( copy and paste the link ) to your friends and contacts or simply tell them to access Thank you.

Earthquakes - the reality........................

Read here how scientists not funded by the 'dirty' industry view the matter of earthquakes and fracking (click the link)

Who do YOU believe?!!!

Please circulate this link ( copy and paste ) or tell your friends and contacts to access www.schistehappens.blogspot. This information is USELESS unless widely circulated. Thank you.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Meanwhile, here in France..................

In French journal La Parisien today a leading article ' Gaz de Schiste la replublique ferme de Le Foll à Montebourg' Stéphane Le Foll ( Minister of Agriculture ) refers to the total unsuitability of fracking in France and challenges the very idea of so called 'ecologique' exploitation of Gaz de Schiste promoted by ministre du Redressement productif, Arnaud Montebourg. He also refers to the clear split on the matter between ministers.

Here at SchisteTowers we are at least pleased that 'les agriculteurs' are now treating this as a real threat ( something we tried to interest them in as early as March of 2011. Perhaps the nations wine growers will become interested next and then maybe even the tourism industry. Now wouldn't that be nice!

Read the article in French here: To translate to English simply copy and paste the text into Google Translator ( not perfect but at least allows a basic understanding of the article ).

Technical note. The idea of the 'green' exploitation of the shale is a nonsense. Even if orange juice were to replace the toxic fracking fluids and guarantees ( impossible ) could be given about the water course, the process would still involve massive disruption, damage to infrastructure with hundreds of truck movements on rural roads, ugly derricks AND once extracted, the net result is yet one more fossil fuel that contrary to industry 'nu-speak' is not (Tyndall Report - University of Salford refers ) cleaner than coal in terms of emissions once everything is factored in.

PS Please pass our site link to all your friends and family as you see fit. Wherever they live it is unlikely that this matter will not concern them soon or later.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UK - Again!

This morning we have been made aware of the detailed proposals for potentially poisoning the entire Sussex water supply chain.

If this concerns you directly or if you have broader concerns about the entire issue of the widespread pollution and disruption of communities caused by hydraulic fracking in the guise of 'clean' energy
( which it is not ) or 'interim' energy ( nu-speak from our friends in the oil and gas industry ) then do please read the following link +/- sign the attached petition ( no obligation ):

More concerning fast-moving events here in France soon. Remember, this is the 'sleepy' period - but not for money-grubbing lobbyists/apologists for 'les petroliers' and their politician friends.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Meanwhile, back in the UKKKKKKKKK!

Our stated aim here at Schiste Towers is to inform English-speaking residents of France about the appalling nature of hydraulic fracking, the irresponsibility of accessing yet one more fossil fuel at this crucial time and of course related political developments here in France.

We realise however, that the majority of British ex-patriates in particular have a continuing interest in developments in the UK where George Osborne not too long ago authorised 'up to' 60% of UK countryside as fair game for the oil and gas industry. Needless to say, the UK press have done little to inform the populace ( other than the good 'ole Guardian ) until recently and consequently very few have seen even the first version of JOSH FOX'S award-winning documentary GASLAND (freely available in long and short versions on Google ). Local communities are now awakening at the eleventh hour to the reality as various enterprises announce their intention to block roads, poison water and desecrate the landscape - in some cases, permanently thus ruining the lives of thousands of residents on the back of  lower gas prices ( where have we heard that before?!).

Two things in particular work against any national response/reaction to this abomination. One is the lack of effective local democratic political structure allowing for the rapid networking of information of this kind and the other of course is that oil and gas investments appear close to the  top of most senior politicians investment portfolios in close company with 'aerospace' (sic) and pharmaceuticals.

Sadly, in the UK all protest would appear to be styled 'extremist' ( whereas we would consider fracking to be extremely 'extreme' ) and those who first highlight problems of an environmental nature are deemed 'troublemakers'. The outcome is then localised protest resulting in accusations of NIMBYISM which suits the frackers just fine.

Contrary to popular opinion, the applications are not just for 'Up North' but include, Sussex, South Wales, The Mendips, Weald of Kent and more.

To see how the UK is now affected click here:

Saturday, 6 July 2013

GASLAND II - Available soon............

Award-winning documentary film-maker JOSH FOX has recently produced GASLAND II and we understand that this will be available for general distribution shortly. Click here to see the trailer:

We realise that there are still those among our number ( some holding strong views on the matter ) who have not yet watched the original documentary which first revealed to the world the apalling truth about the process of fracking for shale gas. We confirm that both the short and long versions are now also available on Google.

Please pass on this link to your contacts. Thank you.