Saturday, 25 January 2014

UK - Far more to fracking than earthquakes or flaming taps....

Quite clear by now that many have reduced notions of wholesale fracking to clichéd images of earth tremors, flaming taps and 'men with dogs on a a bit of string' even though they have never found the 15mins required to watch even GASLAND P1. However, for the Tory Party it could prove to be one big catastrophe and senior party advisors and grandées are concerned for the overall effect it might have on the medium and long term prospects for the Party.

The Miner's Strike effectively eradicated all Tory MPs for S.Wales, and huge swaithes of the North, Midlands and N.East, one reason why they have been unable to form a working majority since 1992.

Ministers with '££££ signs where their eyeballs should be' seem hell bent on finishing the job in short order.

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