Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Balcombe policing costs - total = £4million

We think this is an even better reason why the whole UK shale gas/fracking fiasco is going to end in tears:

If the UK middle class have been sitting on their thumbs up to this point ( 'nothing in my S.Times on it' etc, and blaming it all on so called activists and 'trouble-makers' and 'men with dogs on bits of string') internal conflict at a multiplicity of levels is going to be the deciding factor.This is not wishful thinking on our part. Early cracks are beginning to appear and before hardly a well has been fracked.

Police Commissioners are now seeking redress/compensation from the Home Office for the Balcombe debacle. Many more will follow. So if you think protest doesn't work this might be something to take into account.The National Trust has internal division on the issue ( fence-sitting has long been their problem - remember stag hunting on Exmoor? ) and will soon have to clarify policy.
Local Authorities are only now beginning to realise the potential for damage to infrastructure due to the horrendous logistics involved and comparing this to the paltry sums offered by Cameron & Co to communities.  
Road congestion as hundreds and hundreds of trucks move earth and water in rural and urban areas, plant movements, traffic associated with personnel movement and more in a country with some of the most congested roads on the planet will lead to conflicts at a number of levels. The juxtaposition of fracking sites ( with the concomitant flaring of gas, airborne methane and ugly derricks ) in close proximity to housing and the gradual realization that major insurers are already excluding damage caused by any fracking related activity (earth tremors, vehicular damage and more) will rapidly lead to a drop in house values.

Nonetheless, on BBC's World News 'Hard Talk'programme last night Minister Ed Davey was adamant that the government's fracking plans would go ahead. OK.

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