Thursday, 31 October 2013

UK Government - Fracking can be done safely!

UK Government declares that fracking poses no significant health risk if carried out safely:

In that case, we can only conclude that they don't have the remotest idea of what is involved.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fracking now defining democracy - USA

In a recent televised interview with documentary film maker JOSH FOX it became clear that over 15 million Americans now live within one mile of a frack site ( with all the implications for noise, water pollution, visual desecration, declining property values and worse ) and that in Pennsylvania alone the current total of 6,000 wells is set to increase to 180,000. When wells become exhausted it is necessary to frack and frack all over again.

Imagine what that would mean on mainland Europe with a population density of something in the order of 3.5x.

The interview with JF appears at the beginning of the following video......................

Fracking is an assault on democracy. In 1:1 interviews with Pennsylvania residents we found that in many areas public participation in planning meetings is now denied and where property values have plummeted to zero gas companies buy up the otherwise worthless houses/land but only in return for a lifetime gagging order on the residents involved. This recently extended to two children aged under ten years of age. The Clean Water Drinking Act was sidestepped by the Bush/Cheney ( Halliburton ) administration and although Obama has officially re-instated this fundamental legislation the EPA are still experiencing 'difficulties' in supervising the chemicals deployed in fracking fluids.

Footnote. The UK government recently invited the Halliburton organization to tender for large areas of countryside scheduled for fracking and French Gas company GDF is set to frack all over the Bowland area. GIves 'Made in England' a whole new twist - read the report here:

In five years time we will wish that we had listened.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

UK - National Trust - Fence sitting yet again;

It would appear that the National Trust is once again having trouble deciding just where it stands on ethical matters ( remember Stag hunting? ).  Perhaps a little in depth research will reveal that many of their historic piles ( not to mention precious remaining coastline now in their care ) will not best be enhanced by lines of 50m derricks ( and all that goes with them ) along the perimeter.

Excellent summary here by environmentalist George Monbiot:

If they have any doubts at all perhaps they might spend just 6 minutes viewing Dr Colborn's video ( linked in our previous posting ).

Fossil Fuels - The Toxic Reality

This short ( just over 6 minutes ) video on You Tube presented by eminent hydrocarbons expert Dr Thea Colborn makes very clear the link between our continued use of fossil fuels ( way past their sell by date ) and a whole range of airborne chemicals, many of them carcinogenic resulting from emissions during the fracking process and elsewhere.

Click the following link to find out more:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

BRIVE PERMIT ( Dordogne+ ) Cancelled!

The Connexion reports this morning that Environment Minister Philipe Martin has cancelled the Permis de Brive awarded to Messrs Hexagon Gas ( English owned ) in 2010 on the basis that suffient safeguards were not in place. Good man.

Read the short account here:

We have long suspected that the intention was to proceed to full blown fracking - and not just for oil.

Shale Gas Bubble- The reality.

We have long suspected that the whole shale gas 'revolution' is just one giant money-making scam. Depleting resources, wildly exaggerated 'estimates' of reserves simply in order to raise share prices and convince gullible politicians , the consequent relentless drilling to maintain supplies and more.

The reality........................

Romania rejects fracking

Click the link to read how public outrage in Romania has led Chevron to depart:

At least temporarily.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Today in Toulouse......................

As we announced on the 11th October, today was International Day Against Hydraulic Fracking or Journée Internationale Contre la Fracturation Hydraulique. Demonstrations took place as follows:-

In France, 8 mobilisations in major centres (your Schistehappens Team attended the one in Toulouse)
In the US, 79 mobilisations in 21 States
In other countries, 30 mobilisations (16 countries including, Canada, the UK,, Australia etc).

In France, manifestations occurred in Beziers, Essonne, Etampes, Lille, Montelimar, Montereau-Fault-Yonne, Paris, Saint Claude, Toulouse and Villebon.

At Toulouse, manif' speakers from all the main anti-fracking groups and local collectifs spoke to the assembly stressing that in spite of the recent positive decision relating to the loi Jacob by the Constitutional Council much remains to be done not least the cancellation of many existing permits including the one for Brive. Calls were also made for the cancellation of the Commission of Inquiry set up under the terms of the law and charged with researching 'alternative methods'. Those present were left in no doubt that the resistance is growing just as industry lobbyists seek to convince politicians.

Monday, 14 October 2013

28,000 jobs - most of them extremely unhealthy

Proof positive that those in close proximity to fracking fluids risk very serious health problems. Video in English but with French commentary. Not difficult to get the message however.

Click the link:

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Departing Shell boss - biggest regret = SHALE GAS!

Read how the newly departed boss of SHELL views the company's venture with US shale gas:

Shale drillers offered water cheaper than UK residents

Today we read of the latest incentive to fracking companies from the UK government. Companies are to be offered water supplies at a cheaper rate than UK residents this in a country of frequent drought and where Water Boards have already expressed their concern.

Read the report here:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Expensive English Shale Gas..................

One has to wonder just why the UK politicos are quite so keen to plaster the country with unsightly derricks, pollute the water and ruin the roads all the while promising lower fuel prices when in fact it has long been understood that the cost of extraction ( including ludicrous policing costs, repairs to damaged infrastructure etc; ) will be way higher than in the US.

We have pointed out on more than one occasion that population density in mainland Europe is in the order of 3x higher than that in rural USA and the UK is probably the worst case scenario. Just why are the politicos and petroliers so keen therefore to proceed, all the while promising lower fuel prices? Simple, they make wild, unfounded claims about likely underground resources and do everything they can to talk up share prices never once mentioning the problems associated with extraction. Neat.

Here is the low down:

Friday, 11 October 2013

Saturday 19th October - International Anti-Fracking Day

Today's decision by the Constitutional Council in response to the challenge to the loi Jacob by Messrs Scheupbach must not cloud our vision. There are still dangers ( see our last post regarding the Commission of Inquiry report due next month regarding the scope for exploration and exploitation ).
As one of our team is fond of saying - 'It ain't over 'til its over'. He is so right.

The battle continues and Saturday 19th October will be International Anti-Fracking Day. In this area a manifestation/demonstration will be held in Toulouse.

Assemble - Place Arnaud- Bernard, 14-17h. Wear black. Parking Jean d'arc.

So far, so good.....................

Today we report that the French Constitutional Council have rejected the challenge to the anti -fracking law AKA loi Jacob of July 2011. In short, the French have declared that they do not want American corporations seeking to define French law. Vive la France and so far so good.

Short report here from The Connexion newspaper:

HOWEVER, this does not mean that there will be no possibility of exploration/exploitation on French soil and it is important to remember that the Commission of Inquiry set up under the terms of Christophe Jacob's law makes its final report next month.

Environmental lawyer Daniele Favari has laid great stress on this aspect and we include a link to her comments here ( in French ) with a link to her petition to President Hollande. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. This matter is by no means resolved. ( For an approximation in English, simply copy and paste the article into Google Translator ).

La décision rendue par le Conseil Constitutionnel le 11 octobre 2013 confirme l'interdiction de la fracturation hydraulique mais PAS CELLE DE L'EXPLORATION ET L'EXPLOITATION DES GAZ DE SCHISTE alors que d'autres techniques (2ème génération) sont en Recherche & Développement chez les industriels et que certaines (fracturation au propane/mousse de dioxyde de carbone) déjà opérationnelles, bien que toutefois très onéreuses. Il n'en demeure pas moins que la fracturation hydraulique reste autorisée au sein de la Commission ad-hoc (article 2 de la loi n° 2011-835 :  "Il est créé une Commission nationale d'orientation, de suivi et d'évaluation des techniques d'exploration et d'exploitation des hydrocarbures liquides et gazeux. Elle a notamment pour objet d'évaluer les risques environnementaux liés aux techniques de fracturation hydraulique ou aux techniques alternatives."
D'ores et déjà, sitôt connu la décision du Conseil Constitutionnel, les industriels ont d'ailleurs contre-attaqué en appelant de nouveau à la création de cette Commission.
Par une décision du 11 octobre 2013, le Conseil Constitutionnel a confirmé l'interdiction de la fracturation hydraulique. Or, le recours à cette technique subsiste au sein de la Commission de suivi et d'évaluation mise en place par l'article 2 de la loi n° 2011-835. Par un précédent envoi, nous vous avions demandé d'abroger le décret qui l'a mise en place et votre réponse n'a pas satisfait à notre demande.
Par cette pétition, nous appelons le Président François Hollande à respecter ses déclarations - lors des deux Conférences environnementales et celle du 14 septembre 2012, notamment - de l'interdiction de la fracturation hydraulique en abrogeant le décret qui l'autorise au sein de la Commission chargée de mettre en oeuvre "des expérimentations aux fins de recherche scientifique" (article 2 de la loi n° 2011-835 du 13 juillet 2011) et dont l'opposition vient d'appeler à la constitution (proposition de résolution de Christian Estrosi, enregistrée à l'Assemblée Nationale le 19 octobre 2012) :
Je relance donc la pétition mise en ligne
et vous remercie de la faire circuler.
Danièle favari, Juriste en droit de l'environnement, Invitée de l’atelier sur l'exploration et l'exploitation du gaz de schiste dans l'Union européenne et son impact sur l'environnement et la politique énergétique du Parlement Européen.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Back on the barricades?

The French Constitutional Council will rule on Scheupbach Energy's challenge to the validity of the loi Jacob of July 2011 which bans fracking here in France - on 11th October. That's Friday. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Halliburton - remember them.........

Halliburton to frack up the UK......................... And at the same time Messrs Cuadrilla seem all set to pull out of their disasterous venture near Blackpool...........

Just the early stages in the gradual transformation of the 'Sceptered Isle' into a giant dog's dinner we feel.