Monday, 8 February 2016

UK - Mark Ruffalo tells Cameron he is making an enormous mistake on fracking.

France - Minister decides to appeal against the re-instatement of Total permits.

S├ęgolene Royal has decided that the State will appeal against the recent decision to re-instate the exploration permits originally award to Total.

Essentially, the minister has made this decision in light of the law on energy transition (2015) which sets a target of reducing by 30% the consumption of oil and calls for a 'broad review of hydrocarbon exploration policy.' Mme Royal also reaffirms the 'government's determination to strictly enforce the prohibition of hydraulic fracturing having in mind environmental and public health matters.'

Read the article here ( in French, but translate via Google Translate perhaps ):-

Sunday, 7 February 2016

MEPs support ban on fracking

Euro-MPs voted last week to urge member states not to allow any new hydraulic fracturing operations.
The vote is not legally binding but opponents of fracking described it as significant.

From the excellent site :


From the good people at

The UK government just declared war on the British people over fracking. It's going to allow companies to frack under our homes without our permission -- despite 99% of responses to a public consultation saying an emphatic NO.

A massive 40,000 people formally objected to proposals to change trespass laws so that fracking companies can extract oil and gas from under people's land without permission. Showing utter disdain for democracy, the government has decided to ignore this outpouring of public opposition, and go ahead with changing the law in favour of the frack-happy 1%.
It's clear that this government is far more interested in helping fossil fuel companies than it is in building a green economy or being democratically accountable. But we can still stop this.

Tell the government to ditch plans to frack under our homes without our permission:

Thank you.

France - Protest demonstration - Sunday 28th February.

Advance notice of the demonstration/manifestation to take place on 28th February at BARJAC in the Gard departement triggered by the re-instatement of gas exploration permits to Total arising out of loopholes in the anti-fracking loi Jacob.

Please support this event. Remember, once President Hollande departs it is likely to be open house for fracking with any of his successors. Back to 2010. Ed