Monday, 28 September 2015

Fracking industry will be minimally regulated in UK, letters reveal

UK regulatory framework a bit confused over precisely who will be responsible for what when the fracking begins. That's just how ministers and oily/gassy people prefer it. Ed.

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

US - Environmental officers disguised drinking water contamination related to fracking.

According to, after a two-year analysis, investigative journalists Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman have uncovered 9 ways that officials at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have kept drinking water contamination across Pennsylvania “off the books” since fracking began in 2004.

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Why are we not surprised? Why not write a comment and ask us. Could never happen over here of course. Ed.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Oaklahoma - EARTHQUAKES: Shaken more than 580 times, Okla. is top state for quakes in 2014

Oklahoma had a fivefold surge in earthquakes last year, making it by far the most seismically active state in the Lower 48.
The Sooner State was shaken by 585 quakes of magnitude 3 and larger, compared with only 100 in 2013, according to an EnergyWire analysis of federal earthquake data. California, which is twice the size of Oklahoma, had fewer than one-third that number.
Researchers and many people in the state believe the quakes are linked to oil and gas activity, namely deep-underground disposal of drilling waste fluid.


UK - Northern firms unite to avoid becoming the fracking capital of the UK. Bit late.

Mass of firms unite to fight area becoming 'UK fracking capital'

FOUNDER MEMBER: The Black Swan Hotel, in Helmsley, which has helped launch a business group to battle fracking proposals
FOUNDER MEMBER: The Black Swan Hotel, in Helmsley, which has helped launch a business group to battle fracking proposals
Anne Barnes, who runs a bakery in the town, said she was concerned about what the future held for her grandchildren from the effects of fracking on the environment.
For details about the group, email

The SchisteHappens viewpoint.

Quite simple. Horses and stable doors come to mind? The word has been out now for a long time now, but so few citizens took the time to really appreciate just what the wider implications of fracking were ( cancers, logistical nightmare, landscape desecration, loss of wildlife habitat, yet another fossil fuel at this crucial time and all in the name of lining the pockets of politicians and 'investors' ), earthquakes, falling house values ++++ ). Hardly surprising of course, when the Murdoch Press and not least the BBC to name but two gave the distinct impression that this was not something to concern the average citizen unless of course the happened to reside 'Up north'. Probably too late and one has to wonder how many of these business leaders were amongst the 24% of those eligible to vote who elected this current bunch of mediocrity? Ed.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

UK - Renewable Energy Triumphs in Lancashire as Solar Farm is Approved Next to Rejected Fracking Site

Excellent news for the Red Rose county.

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No doubt the smug UK administration will soon find a way of restricting progess. Ed.

UK - Why no fracking in Cameron's village/county?

Activist Vivienne Westwood takes the argument to David Cameron's front door - in a tank:-

The piece by Haroon Siddique in The Guardian does rather minimalize the effects of fracking in the USA where thousands of health issues, mostly relating to cancer have been reported, literally thousands of earth tremors in frack desecrated areas, property devaluation, displacement of communities, horrendous logistics with consequent effect on infrastructure and permanent desecration of landscape with his final paragraph.............

'Some fracking operations in the US have been associated with pollution and it has caused minor earth tremors in the UK, but proponents argue that it will create a new indigenous gas source for the country'.

There does seem to be an inbuilt resistance in certain sectors of the UK media to acknowledging the ten + years of experience of this abomination in the US and we do seriously wonder quite what Mr. Hiddique knows of the process. Ed.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

UK - Politicians and unconventional oil and gas - a fracking disgrace

Ever wondered why both Tory and Labour politicians in the UK are supportive of widespread fracking. Absolutely nothing to do with energy needs, trust us. Ed.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Australian government malign anti-fracking faternity.

Western Australia's Labor Party calls for moratorium on hydraulic fracturing

Source: APPEA
The Western Australian Labor Party is jeopardizing jobs and investment in the State’s oil and gas industry by supporting calls for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.
The Western Australian Labor Party is jeopardizing jobs and investment in the State’s oil and gas industry by supporting calls for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.
The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Chief Operating Officer Western Region Stedman Ellis said a moratorium would prevent the oil and gas exploration activity needed to encourage onshore gas investment.
“It is disappointing that Labor’s State Conference has today chosen to ignore the clear evidence which shows that hydraulic fracturing is a safe, well-understood technology that has been used in WA for decades,” Ellis said.
“Numerous studies here in Australia and overseas have shown that any risks can be safely managed with proper regulation and good industry practices.
“Importantly, the experience in Queensland over the past five years demonstrates the importance of onshore gas projects to regional communities and farmers.”
Ellis said Labor’s call for another inquiry also made no sense when a two-year inquiry into hydraulic fracturing by a WA Parliamentary Committee was expected to deliver its final report later this year.
“The onshore gas industry has the potential to become an important driver of jobs and economic development in regional WA,” Ellis said.
“Its activities are already subject to strict regulation by government and its participants are committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental management.
“Moratoriums and unnecessary inquiries will not only damage the industry’s development, they also tarnish WA’s reputation as an attractive destination of oil and gas investment.”
Just last week AAPEA released findings from a comprehensive study of how the shale gas industry could benefit the economy, stating that the increase in product could result in a long-term employment boost of 6,300 full time positions and a cumulative increase in government revenues of $961 million.