Thursday, 26 February 2015

UK - MPs and Lords - not the slightest clue what is involved.

But then that would be true in so very many policy areas...............................

Strange and unique blend of arrogance, ignorance and naivety. Ed.

UK - Fracking monitoring plan rejected

Let us see what 'Frack-happy Dave & Co' will do with this one.........................

“Fracking is not compatible with tackling climate change, and carries serious risks to the local environment and people’s health - that’s why the Scottish and Welsh Governments have both called moratoriums". FOE.

And perhaps something that the current government should consider in the final run-in to the General Election. Ed.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Coping with earthquakes induced by fluid injection.

Centred on the American experience ( by now substantial to say the least ), but with mention of the UK.

Read the full report here:

Friday, 20 February 2015

France UMP challenge their own anti-fracking law.

Important news – UMP challenge anti-fracking law.

In his most recent newsletter/bulletin Ardeche députe Pascale Terrasse, who spear-headed the campaign for an anti-fracking law in France ( later to become the much watered-down loi jacob ) has raised concerns that the UMP opposition party have recently tabled a motion in the upper house of the French parliament seeking to amend the law.
The senators failed in their attempt, but we have not the slightest doubt that they will try again.
It is worth noting perhaps that only the current government are opposed to fracking. All opposition parties ( UMP, Front National ++ ) who will seek election in 2017 have declared that they are in favour of exploration en France.
Read the newsletter/report ( here in French, but easily translated via Google translate - at least sufficiently (!) to gain an insight)............................

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

UK - What a sorry state to have got themselves into.

Fossil fuel industry protests over 'risky' assets warning from energy secretary

Oil and gas industry expresses concern in a letter to Ed Davey about his comments on fossil fuel assets becoming unburnable to stop dangerous climate change

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Monday, 16 February 2015

France - Frustrated petroliers form shale gas Information Centre.

Le Centre hydrocarbures non conventionnels (CHNC) a été présenté mardi par Jean-Louis Schilansky, l'ancien président de l'Union française des industries pétrolières (Ufip). Cette structure entend dépassionner le domaine des gaz et pétroles de schistes grâce à des informations précises et argumentées.

In French for a change, but very simple to translate. Basically, French Oil and Gas CEOs have united to establish so called information centre claiming to dispassionately present the facts about the extraction of shale gas by means of hydraulic fracturation.

Just one problem guys and that is that the 'facts' are widely known already. Evidence of the harm done in the US and the nonsense of a bonanza in Poland is there for all to see. In short, these are the facts.

a. This is yet another fossil fuel extracted in a harmful manner and at a time when all investment should be directed towards the development of renewable sources with maximum haste.

b. Employment statistics are phoney and the jobs that are created are extremely unhealthy and short term.

c. The damage to infrastructure and the landscape is permanent.

d. Estimates of realisable resources are wildly exaggerated in order to escalate share price.

e. Often deemed 'clean' or 'natural' gas, shale gas is nothing of the sort and when all aspects are factored in such as the amount of diesel fuel used in logistics it is actually dirtier than coal.

f. Notions of a 'transitional' or 'interim' fuel are nonsense. There should be no interim stage. Investment in renewable sources is long overdue and ever more urgent.

g. The reduction in property values, effects on human health ( in particular cancers ) and livestock are well documented.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

UK - Infrastructure Bill

It's as though all the evidence relating to cancers, groundwater pollution, damage to infrastructure and landscape in the US in particular did not exist. What is it with the UK?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Europe - Too many obstacles ( fracking ).

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REUTERS NEWS : The decision of the US oil company Chevron to stop shale gas exploration in Poland shows an uncertain future for this energy source in Europe, where it faces many obstacles.

The future of shale gas in Europe is uncertain, as evidenced by the decision of the US oil company Chevron to stop exploration in Poland. Unlike the US, where the explosion of shale gas has reduced the energy dependence of the world's largest economy, Europe is still in its infancy in this area.

No commercial use has yet begun on a continent that has, however, according to US government information on energy, several thousand billion cubic meters of recoverable shale gas. However, US officials temper their estimates on the basis that the deposits have not yet been located or valued and that their profitability is not known.


Another obstacle to shale gas in Europe, the collapse of oil prices due to oversupply in particular from the explosion of gas production and shale oil to the United States. "I know of no serious person who thinks that Europe will experience a revolution of shale gas for at least 15 years," said Paul Stevens of the British Institute think tank Chatham House energy. "That will not happen because there are too many obstacles."

These barriers include the reluctance of many European governments face hydraulic fracturing, which involves injecting sand into the rock and water but also chemicals to extract shale gas. This technique is banned in France and is the subject of a moratorium in Germany because of the damage it could cause to the environment.

The most 'promising' regions

In this context, Chevron decided to stop looking for shale gas in Poland to focus on other more promising regions. First inconclusive trials, the difficult terrain and possible regulatory matters barriers have led other companies, including Total, to turn his back to Poland.

Total has announced February 2 reporter several months his first test in Denmark due to delays in the construction of a drilling platform. However, some European governments believe in shale gas. This is the case of Great Britain, which intends to reduce its energy dependence and offset the decline in oil production in the North Sea.

Cuadrilla and IGAS thus drilled a number of wells. But in Britain also, commercial production has not begun because, again, there is a growing opposition to hydraulic fracturing. Scotland, whose resources could cover the British gas needs for more than 30 years, and last week announced a moratorium on the development of all unconventional oil and gas resources

Sunday, 8 February 2015

UK - Oh dear, such a shame.

Prospects for fracking in Britain are "bleak" as the industry loses ground

In the last two weeks, Scotland, Wales, and 40 per cent of the English land offered for fracking have been officially put off-limits 


Read the Daily Telegraph report here:

Monday, 2 February 2015

Fracking to be banned from 40% of UK's designated shale areas.

Only a crazy person would now invest in this complete fiasco............................

But still Cameron, Osborne & Co bang on about it. But of course they would wouldn't they having invested so much of themselves in it. Of course, the potential for damage to infrastructure and human health is still huge and fossil fuel extraction in direct opposition to declared government policy on climate change. Ed.