Wednesday, 15 January 2014

UK - David Cameron says we are irrational!

David Cameron tells Commons Select Committee that fracking opponents are being 'irrational'. That can only mean one of two things. Either he has not the first clue of that which he is about to unleash
( our favoured option ) or he does not really think we are all being irrational and only cares about the effect on his investment portfolio and that of his fellow politicans.

Read just how he protesteth too much here:

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  1. I've had a reply from Eric! Read on!

    "Planning practice guidance for onshore oil and gas
    Thank you for your recent email to The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP raising a number of issues arising from your concerns with the Government’s planning practice guidance for onshore oil and gas. I have been asked to reply on his behalf.
    This country has a robust, comprehensive and safe regulatory regime in place, of which a locally-led planning system is part. The planning practice guidance on onshore oil and gas seeks to provide clarity on the role of the planning system in this area of development and its interaction with the separate environmental and health and safety regimes that regulate extraction. It reflects current planning policy. It must be read alongside the National Planning Policy Framework, other planning practice guidance and the relevant environmental legislation. This includes guidance and legislation on climate change and protecting water resources. I should stress that the National Planning Policy Framework makes it clear that mineral planning authorities should ensure that minerals extraction (including onshore oil and gas) does not have an unacceptable adverse impact on the natural or historic environment or human health.
    We recognise your concern about the lack of consultation on this guidance. The Government has repeatedly highlighted the importance of promoting the exploration of shale gas, which is why we published the guidance in the summer to take immediate effect. However, this guidance will be kept under review, and indeed we are proposing to make small changes as we integrate with the planning practice guidance web-based resource we launched in August last year. We envisage this will provide greater clarity and understanding on how it fits in with other Government planning practice guidance.