Saturday, 11 January 2014

French oil and gas giant to frack the UK

Hot off the BBC ( ie it must be true ), the UK Government is to bring in French oil and gas giant ( fifth biggest in the world ) Total to frack up the UK countryside. No doubt EDF will be ready and able to perform the distribution required once the gas is released/harvested. Click the link below to read the full report......................

Energy Minister Michael Fallon suggests that fracking has a 'low health risk' attached to it and even suggests that any 'failures' in the US have been due to a 'poor operational and regulatory system'. Is he kidding! That may be partially true but in fact, the full picture will never be known due to continuing US Govt cover-ups including of successive reports from their so-called Environmental Protection (sic ) Agency. We have reported on these on more than one occasion in these pages.

Worth noting that when the laughingly titled UK Climate Change and Energy Committee first pronounced on earthquakes for instance, there had already been over 3,000 mini-quakes in fracking Areas in Arkansas and at a time when panel members had visited the US on numerous 'fact-finding' junkets and yet appeared to be totally unconcerned. Additionally, when the H&S Executive first met contractors to discuss procedures at the Blackpool site they actually held five meetings and yet never once met on site. Then, when UK contractors had a total failure of one of their wells with the cement casing totally failing thus releasing contaminated water underground and after tipping redundant plant into the 'hole', not a great deals seems to have happened. They then did not 'self-report' the incident to the relevant authorities for a period of six months. Couple this with savage local authority cuts under the current regime and we feel that you will be able to make your own assessment of the likely rigour - or otherwise. 

Nonetheless, Fallon says that it is 'low risk' - see here:

Licences are being issued as we write, so if you or friends have the slightest concerns about whether or not your/their home might be illegally fracked under ( a challenge is still possible - at least theoretically ) go to: and enter a valid UK postcode to confirm or otherwise. Over 23,000 people have done so already.  

PS Incredibly, there are still those out there who have not even seen P1 of GASLAND ( here in full on You Tube ):  and now P2 is with us confirming just haw devastating fracking has been for millions ( 52 million US citizens now live within 3 miles of a frack site ) of Americans

Perhaps even more incredibly, we meet daily those who claim that it 'could never happen here' . It is happening and soon will be everywhere unless we stop it.

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