Saturday, 18 January 2014

FRANCE - not a done deal - by any means

Many may have wondered why we have reported so infrequently on fracking issues here in France of late. The simple fact is that whilst our brief remains to inform English-speaking communities residing in France, the situation remains more or less stable - for the moment.

President Hollande would appear to be holding to his 'no fracking on my watch' declaration, but massive lobbying on behalf of  'les petroliers' continues here and in Brussels. Recent proposals for changes to the Napoleonic loi minier ( mining law ) side-stepped the issue of fracking due to its not currently being an 'allowed activity' as a direct result of the introduction of the loi Jacob ( July 2011 ) banning hydraulic fracturing.

The Academy of Sciences has pushed for 'exploration' but in the main their is widespread antipathy to the very notion of digging up and polluting the countryside and France in the meantime has plans to expand it's total coastline available for oil and gas exploration by 000,000 of Km especially by incorporating that of the various Protectorates. Total have been able to assuage their frustration by gaining contracts to frack up large swaithes of the UK and no doubt outcomes in Grande-Bretagne will be monitored closely over here. In the meantime, several of the key Collectifs who were in the forefront of the successful campaign to ban fracking here ahve re-stated their opposition and re-grouped.

It is important that we remain vigilant and just as prepared to protest as we were in 2011. As one of our team so aptly stated many moons ago - 'It ain't over - 'til it's over'. Ed.

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