Friday, 30 August 2013

NETHERLANDS - Cuadrilla to lose licence.......

We understand that there is a possibility that fracking enterprise CUADRILLA may lose their permit to frack in Boxtel, Netherlands.

Translation from the report which we carry ( in Dutch ) in the link below.

" The council of Boxtel two weeks ago asked Minister Henk Kamp ( Economic Affairs ) to withdraw the license for test drilling for shale gas in ( the county of ) Brabant. The license was granted to the British Company Cuadrilla (who have been at the centre of controversy in Blackpool and more recently Balcombe, Sussex) in 2010 when not all the necessary information and knowledge was available, argues the town.

"The license granted is unfounded", said council a spokesman in a statement on Friday.

The letter was sent before the minister published on Monday a study dealing with the risks associated with shale gas extraction. So far, the municipality has received no comments from Minister Kamp."

Read the article ( in Dutch ) here:

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