Wednesday, 14 August 2013

France - current situation / update

We have recently been made aware of the need to clarify/re-state the current situation viz-a-viz fracking in France. The situation is quite clear - at least until the end of the current Presidency.

1. Hydraulic fracking/fracturation was banned by the Sarkozy government in July of 2011 (loi Jacob). The 5 Permis for exploitation granted by Minister Borloo in late 2010 were cancelled under the terms of this law. No permits for fracking are currently valid.

2. A Commission charged with investigating alternatives to fracking was established under the terms of this law. In it's interim report it stated that it believed that the process could be carried out 'safely' with 'adequate regulation' but did not come up with any viable alternatives. The final report is due in October 2013.

3. President Hollande has repeatedly stated that he will not allow fracking in France 'on his watch' - most recently in his Presidential address on 14th July. This means that there will not be any activity at least until the end of his period of office.

4. Exploration and investigation of possible alternatives will continue under the terms of the loi Jacob but EXPLOITATION will most definitely not be allowed. In the meantime major French concerns such as Total are 'playing away'.

Individuals may well have mangled versions of all of this including some minor local politicians. The Conseil General of the Lot and the Conseil General of the Midi-Pyrenees are 100% opposed as are the majority of large communes.


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