Friday, 9 August 2013

Cameron 'quaking' over reaction to fracking plans?

First signs of edginess from UK Prime Minister as levels of protest in the UK intensify.................

Now that politicians are coming to understand the full implications of their blanket policy, perhaps for the first time ( several senior ( very ) politicos that we spoke to some months ago had any idea of the full extent of the actual fracking process and one even told us that it could never occur under his house ie he did not understand the HORIZONTAL aspect, nor the distances involved and yet was in a position to influence policy )) it would appear that they are not quite so confident.

Assurances from Mr Cameron of 'safe' or 'adequately regulated' activity simply serve to point up the vacuum. Health and Safety Executive meetings with Messrs Cuadrilla took place as many as five times prior to the Blackpool incidents but not once on site. When a well casing failed in the Fylde the fact was not reported to the authorities for over 5 months. 'Safe'? 'Regulated'.

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