Monday, 26 August 2013

France - optimistic? Perhaps, but then........

France tends to be the exception to the rule on many issues ( Iraq War comes to mind ) and to date the nation as a whole has shown it's total opposition to the abomination of fracking. The message has not gone away and opposition runs deep. With every passing week, adverse reports from the US, Poland, the UK and elsewhere add to the dossier and this does not go un-noticed here.

European Green Party spokesman Guillame Vermorel is an optimist. He forecasts that in the year 2025, there will still be no fracking 'en France'.

"The subject will not even ( in due course ) be an issue. President Hollande has declared his total opposition until at least 2017 and by then, we will have witnessed the adverse effects in many other countries and additionally the non-profitability of shale gas 'through the operations conducted in the US and Poland in particular. Meanwhile, "we can can expect heated debate in France if the government chooses to protect the interests of the industry". Particularly for the Ardeche region however, here we have the sun, wind, water, a love of people and their territory and they have an environmental conscience. What a model".

Rough translation (very) ,but that gives the gist of it..........................E&OE.

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