Friday, 23 August 2013

Confused? Bewildered? Not sure who to believe?

Faced with the recent, continuing onslaught of debates (pretty pointless at this late stage), pro and anti articles in the UK press and on TV, you may be forgiven for wondering just who you can believe in or trust.

Is it nice old Uncle Fred who used to work for one of the large Oil and Gas concerns and now receives his pension and newsletter from them, is it the good 'ole BBC ( if you previously thought of the Beeb as a Left slanted organisation, this article may surprise you somewhat: ) or maybe one of the 'quality' national newspapers owned by the Murdoch empire? Perhaps your local MP who will swear blind that he does not have significant tranches of Oil and Gas shares in his personal portfolio?

Perhaps the only people we can sensibly listen to are those who do not stand to make a great deal of money out of exploiting yet one more fossil fuel at this critical time and whose lives have been ruined, quite literally by living cheek by jowl with this apalling process.

Read one such report here:

We promise that if you take the time to read the article ( and watch the short, but powerful VIDEO testimony of one citizen whose life has been ruined - literally ) and then try to imagine just how this sort of activity will fit into the UK countryside, you will no longer be confused.

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