Friday, 2 August 2013

Likely shale gas reserves for 'just a few months'.......

Click here to watch an excellent, short video ( just under 5 mins) setting out the reality of likely UK reserves. In fact ( data is supported by Industry figures and US research - itemised at the close of the video ), likely to be 'just enough for a few months'. Ah yes, we say but that is more than enough time to excite investors and get the share price up. And then who cares.

We care. And for those who wonder why we are currently monitoring the ever greater awfulness of the UK situation at the moment, the plain fact is that these figures merely serve to illustrate that which lobbyists, politicos and others fail to point out whilst talking of the trillions of cubic metres that they claim lie below the earth's surface. The sheer non-feasibility of retrieving even a fraction of it in a densely populated country like the UK ( or a much larger country like France ) as compared to the rural US makes a nonsense of promises of 'gas independence' for 40 years or more ( itself a travesty ). There are untruths, exaggerations and plain old fashioned lies. This industry does it best.

It's about the SHARE PRICE stupid! And only that.

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