Friday, 2 August 2013

Compare and contrast ( with France ) - Interview with Balcombe resident

Interesting, impassioned, responsible response from Balcombe resident to interviewers questions. 

Hear the remarkable response here:

A great shame that the UK public remained in the dark on this one up to the point where George Osborne gave carte blanche to his chums in the Oil and Gas Industry to frack in up to 60% of rural UK. With the Daily Telegraph and even the Daily Mail clambering on board now there may still be time for effective protest.

A recent post on a UK national blog ( someone like James Rees-Mogg we seem to recall ) suggested that residents should not become 'activists' but fight the frackers in the courts and in a legal (!) and ' professional ' way. Is he kidding! Does he suggest that threatened residents should oppose the 'dirty industry' in this way when they themselves break every rule in the book?!!!

This abomination should be opposed/obstructed at every turning. No apologies given. As 'Balcombe Resident' suggests this is the Industry that has the single worst environmental track record of the past 50 years and is currently working flat out on a world-wide basis to break even it's own abysmal historical best.

It is not about a 'policy of transition energetique'. It's about GREED and only GREED.

If this issue concerns you please give this page the widest possible circulation ( contact lists, Facebook, Twitter ) and refer friends and interested parties to: Thank you.

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