Thursday, 19 December 2013

UK - Man with dog on a bit of string?

In the UK it seems that protest, however legitimate is a dirty word ( thanks to the constant negative reportage in the tabloid press ) and deemed to be the exclusive domain of 'hippies', 'travellers', 'activists' and assorted others. Frequently we are told that all is well (!) until the 'troublemakers' take over. When government specifically instructs MPs to ignore legitimate protest and rides roughshod over the basic democratic rights of citizens we really ought to be grateful to those who first alert us to the problems ( there are many ) and then put themselves to some inconvenience and at times in danger to thwart the worst ambitions of those intent on maximising profit at the expense of the environment and in this case public health.

One more example here as fracking licences begin to be processed:

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