Monday, 23 December 2013

France - Anti-Gaz de Schiste collective reforms.......

We note in the current issue of La Depeche that the collective 'Non au gaz de schiste permis de Cahors' ( No to the shale gas permits for Cahors ) based in Labastide Murat held ordinary and extraordinary meetings on the 14th December and proceeded to amend the articles and name of the association to ( in English ) "No to shale gas Quercy - Rouergue" ( NGSQR). The General Assembly closed with the screening of Josh Fox's documentary Gasland 2 which was found to have the same impact ( if not more so that Gasland 1). The meeting took account of the previously identified permit areas of Cahors ( 5,750 sq/Km ), Beaumont-de-lomagne ( 10,500 sq/km and the recent incursions at Brive.

Link to the brief report here:

And still we talk to those who say 'It will never happen here'. Continued vigilance is essential. Ed.

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