Wednesday, 18 December 2013

UK - Fracking - 'Without risk'. Govt Report says so.

We have now read all 174 pages of the recently published Department of Energy and Climate Change Committee report 'Strategic Environmental Assessment for further Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing'. There are few, if any surprises least of all that the panel chaired by John Gummer ( now styled Lord Deben ) concludes essentially that fracking is 'without risk'.

We wonder just how they side-stepped the mountain of evidence to the contrary freely available ( and for some time now ) emanating from the US ( in spite of the widespread suppression of reports by successive administrations ) and elsewhere relating to sickness, animal deaths, worthless properties, traffic hell, ruined infrastructure and landscape desecration. Easy peazy.


  1. And the planning report comes from that totally wonderful ethical unbiased company AMEC: