Wednesday, 18 December 2013

UK - Fracking bonanza. But exactly which areas are threatened?

BBC report here on analysis of exactly which areas, North and South are likely to yield the most gas ( and disruption, pollution, landscape desecration and noise ). Read the report/watch the video presentation here:

Thousands of wells on up to 60% of UK land mass and scores of daily tanker journeys:

Up to half of Britain to be offered up ( by the UK government ) and circa 50 trucks past your front door every day. Read the Daily Telegraph report here:

Just one year ago many in the UK were telling us that they were 'confused' by this issue and that maybe there were arguments in favour. We are quite sure that minds will be firmly made up 'ere long.

Better get out there with that new digital camera and snap all your favourite views, before they are gone forever!

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