Saturday, 28 June 2014

UK- Allow fracking in National Parks says outgoing Chairman of Environment Agency......

Chris Smith the outgoing Chairman of the UK's so called Environment Agency has suggested that fracking could be carried out in the country's National Parks with minimal impact 'if carried out properly'. Has this individual any idea at all of the real impact of this process on human health let alone landscape and climate change? 

There are several accurate and verifiable reports contained in earlier posts on this site depicting accidents ( thousands in fact ) and human health issues ( in one case resulting in an award of $25m dollars not to mention landscape despoilation in the US ). 'Minimal impact' Mr Smith? And of course, the UK has 3.5x the population desnity of rural Pennsylvania where much of this is occurring. Go figure as they say in the vernacular.

Read the article here:

The UK seems set on 'self-destruct' and is moving ahead on the basis of wildly exaggerated claims from oil and gas concerns and the belief ( do they really believe it )  after dispensing with so many previously employed in the regulatory service, that 'adequate regulation' is even a remote possibility. Politicians promoting this short term fossil fuel source are only interested in how rapidly share price might rise on the back of (at best ) guesses concerning likely realisable resources and of course the possibility of a future seat on the board of their favourite oil and gas concern. To hell with everything else.

The continuance of essentially uncontrolled mass house-building programmes coupled with thousands of gas wells should safely ensure the eventual demise of the 'Land of Plenty'. Dommage. Ed.

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