Monday, 30 June 2014

France - Sesimic survey vehicles spotted...............................

If you should see sesimic survey vehicles like those depicted above either on a convoy or actually on the ground the likelyhood is that they will be testing for shale gas or oil in the vicinity. IF YOU DO, contact your local Mairie without hesitation and demand to know precisely what is happening and if the activity is permitted/legal.

Convoys/vehicles of this type have just been seen ( unannounced ) in the Minervois, Aude, Beziers area ( Languedoc-Roussillon ) and their presence has triggered a new level of alerts/demonstrations on the part of the local collectifs. Read the report here ( in French )

Remember, the process is banned here in France - for the moment ( loi Jacob ) but with national politics in turmoil there is every reason to believe that 'les petroliers' will continue to push their luck. Ed.

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