Monday, 23 June 2014

'France must lift it's ban on fracking'

Left-wing thnk tank Terra Nova argues ( 18/06/14 ) that France must now lift it's ban on the exploration for shale gas in order to 'lever les fantasies sur cette ressource'.  They propose that there should be no government subsidy or guaranteed purchase price with les industriels' bearing the entire cost of the project. They maintain that security of gas supply to the Old Continent is crucial and point to ( in their view ) a lack of vision in current European energy policy. It proposes the creation of a single purchasor of gas for the EU, a European operator to manage infrastructures, transport and storage and a secure stock control system similar to that for oil.

Here is the link to the article ( in French ) :

Nicely presented ( 15/20 perhaps? ), but it's still FRACKING and it's still a fossil fuel. Ed.


  1. Fracking is fracking is fracking, no matter how you dress it up. It's particularly worrying when it is presented by a respected advisory body such as Terra Nova (nice eco-sounding name they have there) as a crucial ingredient of energy policy. Do they really think that the powerful gas industry can be controlled. As demonstrated throughout the world, give them an inch and they will drill a mile!

  2. Thank you Brian. Spot on. Either they are totally naieve or have been bought like the rest of them. Fortunately, those who protested so effectively in 2011 here have not forgotten although I fear that many ex-pat brethren are sleepwalking on this one. Ed