Thursday, 26 September 2013

WATER - Just imagine..................

It is sometimes difficult to envisage the sheer volumes of water that will be transported, contaminated and then either laid to evaporate onto the surrounding countryside or re-injected back into the frack 'hole' after each frack operation. In 'Blackpool' the operation there deployed and spoilt over 2 Billion litres. Hard to imagine is it not. If that is hard to imagine, try this for size:

That is correct. 

'If fracking is allowed in New York State, the wastewater generated is equal to the water volume cascading over Niagara Falls for 35 straight hours. So, imagine standing in front of Niagara Falls for 35 hours. Now imagine that all the cascading water you see is radioactive and full of toxic chemicals, and your job is to figure out where to put it so that it won't come in contact with any person or any other body or water or the soil or the air. FOREVER.'

Sandra Steingraber Phd.

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