Monday, 2 September 2013

France - two things...............

Quick reminder that here in France, although President Hollande has given his word that there will be no fracking for the duration of his period of office, October will see the publication of the final report of the Commission established under the terms of the loi Jacob of July 2011 charged with researching alternative methods to fracking. We expect them to report that fracking can be carried out 'safely'.

Also in October, we can expect the verdict of the Constitutional Council on a recent challenge to the legitimacy of the loi Jacob. Of course, if it is ultimately deemed 'unconstitutional' it is by no means certain that this will affect Monsieur le President's stance.

We will report both items here at Schiste Towers in due course.

Finally, we understand that film-maker and shale gas campaigner JOSH FOX will visit France on the 5th and 7th September to promote/launch GASLAND - 2 in Europe. Details as we have them.

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