Thursday, 5 September 2013

UK - Wakey, wakey.....................

We are surprised and yet, we are not surprised.

The Daily Mail ( yes, the Daily Mail! ) reported yesterday that the DCLG ( Department for Communities and Local Government) is to 'allow fracking companies to frack horizontally under people's homes without telling them, if Government plans go ahead'

WHY does this come as a surprise to people? Anyone who has spent even 30 mins seriously researching the fracking process via the Internet ( as opposed to watching pointless debates on TV and absorbing biased press reports )  will know that the horizontal aspect is that which makes it all viable for the oil and gas companies in the first place. Horizontal fracking takes place over a distance of several kilometres and it is normal to frack radially ie in several directions centred on the main vertical well over time as gas bearing seams become exhausted.

We are amazed. This is what the fuss ( or should have been ) has been about from the very outset. Even now, there are those who pointedly resist watching 'that film' ( by which they mean the excellent GASLAND  documentary by producer Josh Fox. The film has been around for over three years and tells all and GASLAND P2 is shortly to be released here in mainland Europe. Full version of the original movie can be seen here on You Tube: There really is no excuse for not knowing what is involved and the widespread ignorance and 'confusion' in the UK resulting from even a cursory study of the basics of the fracking process is one of the reasons why George Osborne et al have been able to steal up on the population and take them by surprise.

If you have ANY questions about the process itself, you will find them answered here...............  This is an excellent page of FACTS.

Other descriptions include...................


There really is no excuse for not knowing the basic procedure. THIS is why we have all been so excited from Day 1 ( here in Europe, from late 2010 ).

Oh, by the way, here is the Daily Mail article ( E&OE! ).

Read the article here:

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