Saturday, 7 September 2013

FRANCE - focus

With our next post we shall return to all matters Gaz de Schiste 'en France' and technical/data based articles relating to fracking from around the world. UK coverage is aplenty elsewhere and those in need of factual back up may return to our recent feature on the chemicals deployed ( see post of 27th August - click 'Older posts' at the foot of this page ) and of course our comprehensive treatise - A Dozen Devastating Denials which may be accessed with just one click on our Home Page at and which will provide you with answers to just about any fracking related issue.

In the meantime, we await the final report of the Commission of Inquiry set up under the terms of the loi Jacob of July 2011 and charged with investigating alternative methods to fracking. We understand that the report is likely to find that the process can be carried out 'safely' so no surprises there. Also, we await the ruling of the Constitutional Council on the challenge to the loi Jacob deeming it 'unconstitutional' and President Hollande's response. Both in October we understand.

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