Tuesday, 23 July 2013

UK Water boards - concern re- water use + earthquake proof

At last, Water UK ( national association representing UK water boards ) has expressed 'concern' about the quantities (!) likely to be used in hydraulic fracking/fracturation and also the levels of contamination that may be expected after use. Note: Over 2 billion litres were used in the Fylde before earthquakes temporarily halted fracking by Messrs Cuadrilla. What price hose pipe bans in future years we hear you cry!!

Click here to read a report: http://processengineering.theengineer.co.uk/oil-and-gas/water-firms-seek-urgent-shale-gas-talks/1016742.article

Also today we read of proof positive that there are definitive links between fracking and hundreds/thousands of earthquakes ( some as high as 4 on the Richter Scale ) in the USA.

Click here to access the report in French ( copy and paste into Google Translator to read in English )

All good stuff. Meanwhile Investment specialists and lobbyists continue to wildly exaggerate the likely level of reserves under ground. The truth is that they really do not know but that will not stop them seeking to excite gullible politicians and others as negative reports flow in from around the globe.

If this issue concerns you, please circulate this link as widely as possible. Thank you.

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