Monday, 8 July 2013

Meanwhile, back in the UKKKKKKKKK!

Our stated aim here at Schiste Towers is to inform English-speaking residents of France about the appalling nature of hydraulic fracking, the irresponsibility of accessing yet one more fossil fuel at this crucial time and of course related political developments here in France.

We realise however, that the majority of British ex-patriates in particular have a continuing interest in developments in the UK where George Osborne not too long ago authorised 'up to' 60% of UK countryside as fair game for the oil and gas industry. Needless to say, the UK press have done little to inform the populace ( other than the good 'ole Guardian ) until recently and consequently very few have seen even the first version of JOSH FOX'S award-winning documentary GASLAND (freely available in long and short versions on Google ). Local communities are now awakening at the eleventh hour to the reality as various enterprises announce their intention to block roads, poison water and desecrate the landscape - in some cases, permanently thus ruining the lives of thousands of residents on the back of  lower gas prices ( where have we heard that before?!).

Two things in particular work against any national response/reaction to this abomination. One is the lack of effective local democratic political structure allowing for the rapid networking of information of this kind and the other of course is that oil and gas investments appear close to the  top of most senior politicians investment portfolios in close company with 'aerospace' (sic) and pharmaceuticals.

Sadly, in the UK all protest would appear to be styled 'extremist' ( whereas we would consider fracking to be extremely 'extreme' ) and those who first highlight problems of an environmental nature are deemed 'troublemakers'. The outcome is then localised protest resulting in accusations of NIMBYISM which suits the frackers just fine.

Contrary to popular opinion, the applications are not just for 'Up North' but include, Sussex, South Wales, The Mendips, Weald of Kent and more.

To see how the UK is now affected click here:

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