Friday, 12 July 2013

France still world's No.1 tourist destination - for now.

Off-topic? Have we finally lost it here at SchisteTowers? Not a bit of it. Read here :- how France is till the world's number one destination for holidaymakers.

Imagine how different it would be however, if the water ( and therefore the wine ) were posioned, the rural landscape marred by ugly derricks and tiny villages had hundreds of truck movements on a regular basis and a 'lake' of contaminated fracking water to compete with the municipal version!

Stay tuned for more news on the political mish-mash viz-a-viz Gaz de Schiste here en France.

PLEASE circulate this link ( copy and paste ) to all your contacts. The more people that have the facts the more likely that this abomination is to be effectively opposed.

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