Thursday, 11 July 2013

Meanwhile, here in France..................

In French journal La Parisien today a leading article ' Gaz de Schiste la replublique ferme de Le Foll à Montebourg' Stéphane Le Foll ( Minister of Agriculture ) refers to the total unsuitability of fracking in France and challenges the very idea of so called 'ecologique' exploitation of Gaz de Schiste promoted by ministre du Redressement productif, Arnaud Montebourg. He also refers to the clear split on the matter between ministers.

Here at SchisteTowers we are at least pleased that 'les agriculteurs' are now treating this as a real threat ( something we tried to interest them in as early as March of 2011. Perhaps the nations wine growers will become interested next and then maybe even the tourism industry. Now wouldn't that be nice!

Read the article in French here: To translate to English simply copy and paste the text into Google Translator ( not perfect but at least allows a basic understanding of the article ).

Technical note. The idea of the 'green' exploitation of the shale is a nonsense. Even if orange juice were to replace the toxic fracking fluids and guarantees ( impossible ) could be given about the water course, the process would still involve massive disruption, damage to infrastructure with hundreds of truck movements on rural roads, ugly derricks AND once extracted, the net result is yet one more fossil fuel that contrary to industry 'nu-speak' is not (Tyndall Report - University of Salford refers ) cleaner than coal in terms of emissions once everything is factored in.

PS Please pass our site link to all your friends and family as you see fit. Wherever they live it is unlikely that this matter will not concern them soon or later.

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