Saturday, 19 October 2013

Today in Toulouse......................

As we announced on the 11th October, today was International Day Against Hydraulic Fracking or Journée Internationale Contre la Fracturation Hydraulique. Demonstrations took place as follows:-

In France, 8 mobilisations in major centres (your Schistehappens Team attended the one in Toulouse)
In the US, 79 mobilisations in 21 States
In other countries, 30 mobilisations (16 countries including, Canada, the UK,, Australia etc).

In France, manifestations occurred in Beziers, Essonne, Etampes, Lille, Montelimar, Montereau-Fault-Yonne, Paris, Saint Claude, Toulouse and Villebon.

At Toulouse, manif' speakers from all the main anti-fracking groups and local collectifs spoke to the assembly stressing that in spite of the recent positive decision relating to the loi Jacob by the Constitutional Council much remains to be done not least the cancellation of many existing permits including the one for Brive. Calls were also made for the cancellation of the Commission of Inquiry set up under the terms of the law and charged with researching 'alternative methods'. Those present were left in no doubt that the resistance is growing just as industry lobbyists seek to convince politicians.

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