Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fracking now defining democracy - USA

In a recent televised interview with documentary film maker JOSH FOX it became clear that over 15 million Americans now live within one mile of a frack site ( with all the implications for noise, water pollution, visual desecration, declining property values and worse ) and that in Pennsylvania alone the current total of 6,000 wells is set to increase to 180,000. When wells become exhausted it is necessary to frack and frack all over again.

Imagine what that would mean on mainland Europe with a population density of something in the order of 3.5x.

The interview with JF appears at the beginning of the following video......................

Fracking is an assault on democracy. In 1:1 interviews with Pennsylvania residents we found that in many areas public participation in planning meetings is now denied and where property values have plummeted to zero gas companies buy up the otherwise worthless houses/land but only in return for a lifetime gagging order on the residents involved. This recently extended to two children aged under ten years of age. The Clean Water Drinking Act was sidestepped by the Bush/Cheney ( Halliburton ) administration and although Obama has officially re-instated this fundamental legislation the EPA are still experiencing 'difficulties' in supervising the chemicals deployed in fracking fluids.

Footnote. The UK government recently invited the Halliburton organization to tender for large areas of countryside scheduled for fracking and French Gas company GDF is set to frack all over the Bowland area. GIves 'Made in England' a whole new twist - read the report here:

In five years time we will wish that we had listened.

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