Saturday, 12 October 2013

Expensive English Shale Gas..................

One has to wonder just why the UK politicos are quite so keen to plaster the country with unsightly derricks, pollute the water and ruin the roads all the while promising lower fuel prices when in fact it has long been understood that the cost of extraction ( including ludicrous policing costs, repairs to damaged infrastructure etc; ) will be way higher than in the US.

We have pointed out on more than one occasion that population density in mainland Europe is in the order of 3x higher than that in rural USA and the UK is probably the worst case scenario. Just why are the politicos and petroliers so keen therefore to proceed, all the while promising lower fuel prices? Simple, they make wild, unfounded claims about likely underground resources and do everything they can to talk up share prices never once mentioning the problems associated with extraction. Neat.

Here is the low down:

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