Friday, 21 September 2012

We are concerned........................very.

Just in case any of us thought that the cancellation of 7 permits for shale gas exploitation by President Hollande were cause for celebration, at this point we are well aware that..................

a. The annulation of the 7 permits has yet to appear on the statute books or in the Journal Officiel.

b. President Holland has done nothing to legislate against the possibility of other, emerging techniques, nor strengthen the loi Jacob of July 2011 ( much diluted by President Sarkozy's government ).

c. He has not ( apparently ), acted to cancel the Commission of Enquiry set up by Nicolas Sarkozy to examine 'aspects of exploration' which is due to report finally by the end of 2013 whence there will be a parliamentary vote.

d. He has problem characters within his administration including the apologist Claude All├Ęgre who is now agitating once more and has also been challenged by widely diverging groups including Total, the CGT ( Communist Party), National Chamber of Commerce and many more.

We are concerned - very, and trust that you will not only keep a regular eye on these pages but also send the links to our site to as many English-speaking friends and contacts as possible. Thank you.

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