Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lost in translation perhaps............?

Most of us have been quite clear that at the end of the Environmental Conference in Paris on the 15th of this month President Hollande clearly announced that he intended to cancel the 7 existing permit applications, including those for the Cahors area, from Messrs 3 Legs Resources and for Beaumont de Lomagne. However, our friends in the Isle of Man would appear not to have fully understood the announcement. We thought it was abundantly clear and widely reported in the press here and elsewhere. Here is an extract from their interim report at to be found under the 'media' section of the site.


"Germany and France
Our southern German concessions fell due for renewal in the second quarter of the year and we have submitted applications for extensions. These applications are in process. Following the temporary suspension of the oil and gas licensing process in France, the outcome of our two licence applications in France remains unclear. We continue to monitor the situation."

We are clear in our own minds that President Hollande intends the cancellations to be other than 'temporary', at least for the duration of his presidency.

Other matters.

Five organisations met last week north of Cahors to formulate a series of letters to President Hollande congratulating him on his balanced approach to existing and renewable sources of energy. Organisations present included: lecercledegindou; schistehappens; Lot Nature Magazine and Culture Perigord......At the close of the meeting letters were agreed emphasizing amongst other thingsthe urgent need to place the annulations on the statute book.

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  1. Lost in translation or some kind of back room deal we do not know about. Robert1