Friday, 14 September 2012

President Hollande rejects shale gas fracking

This morning, at the very outset of the government's Environmental Conference President Hollande
announced his outright rejection of shale gas exploration using 'hydraulic fracking' methods and ordered the immediate rejection of seven applications from the likes of Total and 3 Legs Resources including those for the Cahors and Beaumont de Lomagne areas.

The President cited "the heavy risk to health and the environment" of fracking which injects water, sand and chemicals under high pressure into rock to release oil and gas. He also declared that "As far as the exploration and exploitation of non-conventional hydrocarbons is concerned, this will be my policy throughout my (five-year) term of office".

We are naturally delighted. Many thoughts occur to us at this time and with one eye on 2017, but foremost is the thought that this is part of a much broader environmental policy which must be examined in more detail. In the meantime, our thanks to Monsieur Hollande.

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