Monday, 12 January 2015

Urgent - Take action to prevent UK government drilling under homes.

Today we take the xceptional step of posting in full an urgent appeal for action from UK anti-fracking group 'Frack Free Sussex'. Please read the links and consider supporting this urgent request. Thank you. Ed.

Happy New Year to all you lovely Sussex folk! We are straight into urgent action this January as the government try to rush the dangerous Infrastructure Bill through Parliament. We need all the help we can get on this one so PLEASE have a read....

This Wednesday- 14th JAN at 11AM.

Please JOIN US, virtually or in person!

The Infrastructure Bill could 'make or break' Fracking in the UK.

The Bill is a massive piece of Legislation which has already passed through the House of Lords, and is currently being rushed through the House of Commons. It contains many worrying clauses that could become law - including ones which pave the way for massive, unregulated road-building and the sell-off of public land.

However for us, the most worrying clauses are two small passages of text which, if they pass unchallenged, could irrevocably pave the way for Fracking in the UK.

One passage, Clauses 38 to 43 would give fracking companies the 'Right of Use' of any land below 300m, meaning they would no longer need permission from the landowner to drill, frack or leave 'any substance' in the land.

Another Clause, Clause 36, would make it legally binding to "Maximise the economic recovery of UK Petroleum", at the very moment in our history when we know we must leave 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground to stand a chance of minimising climate change.

However, luckily two Sussex MPs - Caroline Lucas and Norman Baker - have tabled amendments which would remove these dangerous clauses.

Please help us fight off this Bill by either :

a) Coming to the Mass Lobby at the House of Commons in person, meeting your MP and telling them to support the Baker/Lucas amendments or to vote against the Bill in its entirety,

b) Sending your MP this template letter:

c) Meeting your MP at their local surgery to discuss your concerns,

d) Signing this 38 Degrees petition to call for the DEFRA report on fracking to be released uncensored :

e) Signing this Greenpeace petition against changes to the Trespass Law :

Or all of the above!
Thank you - we really need all your support.

2015 is going to be a busy year for us if we are to keep Sussex frack free.... 

Organising talks, screenings, speakers, leaflets, legal counsel and awareness raising events costs money and so we are raising funds with the fantastic'FRACK FREE COMPILATION- for Sussex and beyond'. 

Have you got your copy yet?
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Nearly 100 musicians, mostly Sussex based, contributed to the 20 tracks which feature on this eclectic and spirited album. The beautiful CD booklet contains quotes from all the artists about why they contributed their music and why they are against ever more dangerous methods of fossil fuel extraction....
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All proceeds will be used to help Frack Free Sussex continue campaigning, educating and informing the public of the issues surrounding the development of an onshore unconventional oil and gas industry in the UK.

In other news, it's 2015 and the UK is still Frack Free! And with oil price plummeting, the future of fracking is starting to look more precarious...


The campaign to prevent Fracking (or any kind of unconventional drilling) ruining our county is made up of an ever growing number of people LIKE YOU! We are fighting against multi-national corporations with millions of pounds to spend on PR so we need you, whatever your skills and expertise.
Event organisers, letter-writers, video-makers, photographers, website builders, persuasive talkers, sign-makers, cake-bakers, tea servers, leaflet handers, media observers, database builders, film showers, nature-lovers, lorry-blockers, T-shirt designers, scientists, economists, environmentalists, musicians, artists, graphic name it!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can help...
Please make a DONATION if you are able....

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