Monday, 5 January 2015

France - Current situation

Ever watchful we note that every single one of the likely Presidential candidates (France) is in favour of fracking. Sarkozy in particular has said that he would repeal 'his' own loi jacob and they all justify their position by reference to the current state of the economy here. Just the UDI demur:

Certainly there is inquiet in regions where permit applications are on the increase which on the face of it are for oil. Read one account ( in French - we recommend Google Translate ) here:

As we enter the new year we note that in July it will be just four years since the Sarkozy government was cornered in the matter of shale gas and had little choice but to adopt the law banning fracking. Fracking, but not the exploration of such. The moratorium is fragile, but hopefully France is able to satisfy demand ( and pressure/lobbying ) from the likes of Messrs Total in the interim by taking advantage ( literally ) of it's ties with Algeria:,146497 Certainly by the time this is underway all hell will have been let loose across the UK with ( we predict ) major demonstrations and political fallout as a consequence. Hopefully our French compatriots will take due note.

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