Thursday, 13 March 2014

UK - 'Up to half of the country could be 'released' for fracking.

BBC ( bless them ) report appears to concern itself mostly with the likely ( we would say almost 100% certain ) harmful effects on UK wildlife if fracking should go ahead without adequate regulation. However, we note the figure of 50% of the UK landmass embedded in the article and can only wonder at the likely harmful effects on non-wild life ie that termed 'human'. Click the link to read the report:-

Read the following Friends of the Eart report to see just how our friends in the Oil and Gas Industry are seeking to limit even governments from regulating their activities. Nasty.

Note also, that with the continuing savage staff cuts at the Environment Agency and elsewhere the possibility of adequate regulatory procedure being applied is virtually nil.The Cameron government have already watered down existing regulations and have issued new guidelines destined to fast-track fracking applications in all cases.

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