Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Demo in TOULOUSE - 31st March + Permits back on the table

Looks like it is demo season and time to dig out your old Non Au Gaz de Schiste placards...

We have just learned that the permit application for the Beaumont de Lomagne area covering 10,405 km2 based on 8 departements surrounding the Gers ( including the Lot ) is now back on the table having been re-submitted. Responsibility for co-ordinating all applications has been passed to the Prefect of the Haute-Garonne. It is believed that the Cahors application has also been re-submitted ( 5,750 km2 ). Demands have been made for the application(s) to be sent also to the prefect of the Midi-Pyrénées. The applications will be in the public domain and available for public viewing with the exception of 'certain paragraphs concerning commercial/industrial secrets'. The documentation will enable us to see how the initial applications have been modified ( to exclude hydraulic fracturing ) and will be sent to geology experts in the Ardeche as part of a national study.

There is a demonstration in Toulouse on Saturday 31st 2012, 15H - 18H (3pm to 6pm)
Place: Monument aux Morts ( Arc de Triomphe )
Nearest metro station: François Verdier
Parking: Halle aux Grains ( underground )

The purpose of the manifestation in Tolouse on 31st March is to mobilize against Gaz de Schiste in the Aquitaine and Midi Pyrénées and to demand the banning of all research, exploration and exploitation.

Please try to come and bring a placard.

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