Saturday, 17 March 2012

3 Legged fracking video hits YouTube!

When you have just 4 minutes to spare do treat yourself to a glimpse of the hugely reassuring (sic ) fracking video recently posted on YouTube by Messrs 3 Legs Resources. With just 56 views to date it hardly seems likely to go viral, but for sheer entertainment value does take some beating! Note the syrupy tones of the narrator, the constant inclusion of buzz words ( environment, agriculture, tight regulation, domestic fluids etc ) and the fact of the huge cost of the operation ( to them ) and marvel at the sheer 'accident-free' efficiency of the entire operation. Almost good enough to eat! Then ask yourself how you might like one of those derrick thingys in the field opposite or yet again just how they manage to heave all that hardware into place without destroying local roads and your entire quality of life in the process. And then there is the small question of the water deployed.

See it on You Tube by clicking here or simply enter '3 Legs Resources' in the You Tube search box. Enjoy.

Oh, should you wish to congratulate them on such an amateur piece of visual and aural tosh you will be disappointed to find that 'Adding comments has been disabled for this video'. We wonder why.

Purely for the record, there would no longer appear to be any mention of France on their site. Right.

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