Thursday, 16 June 2011

Joint Committee rejects fracking "for scientific purposes"

Last night, the dedicated gaz de schiste Joint Committee ( seven deputies and seven senators ) reached an agreement on the UMP proposal on shale gas exploration. As we already know, the proposal bans hydraulic fracturing and gives current licence holders two months to state whether they intend to use the technique or resort to other methods. If the licence holders do not reply, or if they do not come up with another solution, then their licences will be revoked.

In addition, the Commission rejected the amendment passed in the Senate last week that would have allowed companies to use hydraulic fracturing for "scientific purposes". Instead, the Commission decreed that the Government courld draw up a report to "define experimentation conditions on which the Senate could then issue an opinion".

The Commission's conclusions will be debated in the Assemblée Nationale on June 21st and by the Senate ( again ) on June 30th, before final adoption. Watch this space for further news!

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