Monday, 2 May 2011

The Schiste Happens News Blog

During the lull in Schiste related activity we have refreshed the news pages so that when it all kicks off again we will be ready to keep you informed of latest developments. Using a blog also means that we can easily archive stories which in turn means that you can easily find them, send them to friends and have a single place to dig up the information you need. All the background information about how Gaz de Schiste will affect France will stay on the Schiste Happens web site. All the news and latest developments will be here on the blog.

Although the drilling permits are on hold and government are discussing the way ahead in the National Assembley, things are also happening behind the scenes. The government are still trying to work out how to get elected and get the gas out of the ground. The gas companies are still lobbying and throwing vast amounts of money around to persuade anyone who will listen that this is a very good thing.  And protesters are still trying to stop them ruining the country.

You need to know what they are all saying and which way the Schiste-O-Meter is swinging. This news blog will keep you up to date with the latest developments in France. News from further afield, and a wider look at the whole subject of fracking for shale gas, will still be posted on BB's Say No To Shale Gas blog.

You can subscribe to both blogs so that you receive an email when a new post is added, and they both allow you to add you comments so you can have your say more easily.

Thanks for visiting. Keep the pressure on. Stop the schiste.

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