Thursday, 19 May 2011

Don't schiste on your own doorstep?

French oil company Total, and US gas meisters Exxon (Esso to Brits) are scurrying east to join the frack fest currently in the process of ruining great chunks of Poland.

Media representatives at Total said that neither last week's decision by French MPs to ban hydraulic fracturing, or popular opposition to the method among French people, had influenced the firm’s plans to invest in Poland.
Yeah! Likely. If the state of the market in your home country does not 'influence' your business planning then you are either stupid, inept or lying.

It is regrettable that this is the level of honesty that we can expect from the major players, but it is not unexpected.

So when they also say: "Total respects the law in each country where it is active, and is committed to safety and environmental protection". We should be more than a little worried.



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