Monday, 25 January 2016

France - The prospect of fracking has not gone away.


We have long asserted that the industry would bide its time waiting patiently until a change of government occurred ( ie 2017 ) and all the while protesting that it would only use 'alternative methods' in order to 'explore and establish' the riches ( sic ) underground here in France.

Whilst Messrs Scheupbach failed to convince the judges in Cergy-Pontoise Administrative Court of the legitimacy of their appeal against the cancellation of permits  issued in the Montelimar region, Messrs Total look all set to convince the same court of the legitimacy of their claim. In anticipation of this and almost six years to the day after the huge mobilization of 20,000 people on Saturday 26th February the collective 'Les gaz et huiles de schiste, ni ici ailleurs, ni aujourd'hui, ni demain' have scheduled a day of demonstrations on February 28th at Barjac ( Gard ).

This thing ( in spite of the still falling price of oil, and in spite of COP 21 ) is still far from over.

We remain vigilant.

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